Research Facility Horstwalde

Off-road test, driver and integral safety training, applied accident research for commercial vehicles and SUV’s in Horstwalde (Brandenburg/Germany)

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Test site concept

The concept of FKVV (Fahrbahn-Kraftfahrzeug-Verkehrs-Versuchsanlage) has been developed on the basis of 57 major vehicle test sites world-wide. This study enabled to establish the key parameters for a new type of test site in Germany which will fulfil the future R&D requirements in vehicle design, road structure and traffic logistics. The test site is independent and available for everyone, especially for SME’s. Following a survey and concept adjustment in 2003, the test site will be built in accordance with the possibilities and requirements of industry. The first step will be the completion of the currently available off-road test site.

Produkteinführung eines Nutzfahrzeugs: Verschiedene Ausführungen mit unterschiedlichen Beladungszuständen warten auf Fachhändler und Journalisten.
Eight out of a total of 10 climbing lanes, here with a slope of 15 % - 65 % and scenes of product presentations

Our offer

– Test run and trial for vehicles and vehicle components for R&D
– Exclusive use of the test site for accident simulation and research
– Staff training under off-road conditions
– Display and launch of products
– Corporate events

Please contact the head of the office of the Development Association of the Verkehrs-Versuchsanlage Horstwalde e. V. if you require further information about technical details of the present test site and organizational and contractual issues.


Diving, boulder and torsion tests and other typical off-road challenges

Our location

The test site Verkehrsversuchsanlage Horstwalde is located in the south of a 1.200 ha Test-site Technical Safety (TTS) of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). It is situated 50 km south of Berlin and north of the village of Horstwalde, along road 707 between Kummersdorf-Gut and Baruth/Mark. The office of the Development Association Verkehrsversuchsanlage Horstwalde e. V. is next to the climbing lanes inside the area.

You and your clients will find us 50 km south of Berlin.

About us and how to make contact

The Development Association of the Verkehrsversuchsanlage Horstwalde e. V. was founded in April 1995 for the technical and scientific assistance of the start-up phase of FKVV. The development association is registered at the Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Potsdam under the file number VR 4829 P5.


The association is headed by Mr. Wolfgang Brendel. The head of the office, Mr. Lutz Schreiber, is usually available on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Horstwalde. The best way to contact them is by making an appointment by phone: +49 33 70 46 61 04; Fax: +49 33 70 46 56 12 or email: info(at)


Pictures: BAM Berlin, FKVV, Mitsubishi Deutschland GmbH, J. Ochs, Pirelli Deutschland AG, P. Scholz, K. Urban